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Protect Life.
Obamacare, Death Panels, Medicare Cutbacks, Rationing of Senior Health Care... There has never been a more important time to protect you and your loved ones from euthanasia by getting your pro-life protective medical documents.
Today, changes to federal and state healthcare laws and insurance coverage cutbacks make it vital to address these issues now, before it's too late. Unfortunately, it has become a matter of life and death. Are you and your loved ones protected?
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Legal Lifeguard is always available for your protection - day and night wherever you are!
Your family's life-saving documents are always available online, on your mobile phone and even in your pocket with the FREE Lifeguard Emergency ID Card.

Estate Planning Services
Working with dedicated and caring professionals, Legal Lifeguard guides you through the sometimes difficult process of estate planning and works with compassion and care to help you secure your legacy.
Charity and Philanthropy
Legal Lifeguard fosters the spirit of giving through working with Christian charities and non-profit organizations.
Attorneys Affiliate Network
Throughout the United States, Legal Lifeguard works with a network of affiliated attorneys to make sure you have the protection you need - wherever you are.
Why Legal Lifeguard?
Did you know that, without legal protection, you and your loved ones are left at the mercy of healthcare facilities and professionals who often make decisions based on their bottom line, not yours? Did you know they are ending life prematurely, performing euthanasia that's often disguised and delivered by morphine drip and denial of nutrition and hydration? In other words, it costs too much to care for you or your loved ones, so they're more
than willing to speed the death process along. Remember the tragedy of Terri Schiavo? Don't let that happen to you. And, because people are not protected, they become easy victims of this tragedy. This problem has only gotten worse lately with Obamacare and rationing of Senior Health Care.

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